Question?: Rett Syndrome Causes

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Sandy asks…

Is my baby just delayed, or is something wrong?

Hi, my daughter will be eleven months old on the 30’th, and she can’t crawl, sit up from a lying position, walk, pull herself up to standing position, or stand at all on her own. All she can do is roll around and sit up (when I sit her up). She can stand with help. She has just started eating a little harder foods like puffs and toast, and just mastered the pincer grasp. I am worried about her large motor skill development though. Is she just a late bloomer, or do you think something may be wrong?

admin answers:

Well, yes she’s definitely delayed but the thing you have to worry about is the cause of the delays. You need to take her to a neurologist and geneticist to investigate the cause. My daughter had the same problems…she turned out to have Rett Syndrome. I’m not trying to scare you, there are a lot of possible causes.. Some severe, some not so severe. If it was just motor problems from hypotonia (low muscle tone) I would not be too worried but she seems to have other delays that would indicate global developmental delays meaning possibly a larger problem. It may be just mild cerebral palsy and she will eventually catch up but definitely get her checked out to rule out other things. Also make sure they test for Rett Syndrome…my daughter has this and it is commonly misdiagnosed as other things. Best of luck to you and I hope you find the cause.

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