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William asks…

How do you like my technique of getting bullies out of sight?

When the guy was making fun of me, the only thing I would think of is…The Police. So I threatened to call the police on him and tell them that they will come and arrest them for making retard “noises” that I so loathed since it is the discrimination against the people of the autistic spectrum. So they scrambled to get out.
So what do you think?
I know it is legal to make noises, but with high screech moaning and the hand flapping, I know how discriminatory it is to me since I have Aspergers.

admin answers:

Sounds like a terrible idea becase its not agaist the law to make noises, and once they find out that the cops don’t come it will get worse. I was always fond of a baseball bat to the knee cap when dealing with bullies.

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