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Nancy asks…

What would be the steps to take for someone who wants to work with Autistic children?

I’m 17 and I want to work to work with Autistic children and their family. I have a nephew with Autistic characteristics and a cousin who’s autistic and I want to be in a field where I help autistic children and their families. What type of classes would I have to take in college?

admin answers:

You would take classes in early childhood development, and child psychology to start. A class in behavioral analysis would be valuable as well as behavior management.

Learning about speech therapy and sign language would be great tools to have and increase your value to employers and families in the future as well. Being bilingual English/spanish would really open more doors for you. There are not enough therapists with a good command of both languages, and the Spanish speaking population is often very underserved in this area.

Here’s a great website with a list and description of courses that would be valuable

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