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Jenny asks…

Group homes for autistic adults?

My son is 18 now and is beginning the journey towards independence. There is a group home with an opening where I think he could succeed. How do I best impart my wisdom and knowledge about how best my son will succeed to the staff?

admin answers:

You don’t. When your son moves into a group home he becomes a part of a group think process. He will be exposed to what is easiest and most productive for all. If you want his individual needs to be addressed, a group home is not where he belongs.

Look at supported independent living if you want his needs met individually.

ETA: Supported independent living can involve 24/7 in home supports. The difference is that your son would employ the in home supports and they would do as he and his other supports determined they would do. In a supported independent living setting, you can choose to live with others, but unlike a group home, you and the people you live with are in charge. You choose the people you live with. You choose where you live.

Groups home are an outdated notion that no one needs given proper supports.

I live independently – and yet I need support from my friends and children and parents (as do most people who live in this world.). Independent means you are in charge of your life – you make the decisions – even if the decision is to let someone else help you make the decision.

A group home is a business. It is not a home in any real sense of the word.

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