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Mary asks…

Do autistic adults rip paper as well?

Now I mean as a stim

admin answers:

Its a common stim on the autism spectrum.

Am not around people on the high functioning end and cannot ever say have ever heard off the HFAs/aspies have known online they ever had this habit,but there are many of us with classic autism who rip material as stimming.
One person who used to live here-a teen going into adulthood with very profound autism used to be gotten a pile of argos catelogues near enough every day and he woud stand there and tear through them with no effort,if he wasnt gotten any he woud flip and violently shred people instead.

One very calm/easy going adult with moderate autism used to rip curtains,heavy duty rugs,carpet,chairs etc,and speaking of own experience; used to be very bad with this habit-woud shred through clothes,toilet roll,any matierial,and was slowly gotten out of the habit by staff,though sometimes if theres material stuck out of something will start shredding it and not have a clue until am gotten away from it by staff.

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