Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

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Charles asks…

If my brother is autistic would that mean if I had a child he/she could be autistic?

Hi, so I think autism pretty much runs in my family, my brother has it and my Dad is showing signs of having it as well, their both very similar. I was just wondering I had a child would there be a chance they could have Autism as well? and how much of a chance? I watched my brother grow up struggling and being bullied, I hated what he went through and I wish he had an easier childhood and now easy adolescence, its hard enough being a teenager, never mind with Autism.

admin answers:

Yes. Autism is strongly genetic and tends to run in faimlies. There’s always a chance – in the general population, the chance of having a child with autism is about 1%. For people who have autism or a family history of it, the chance is higher.

However, there’s still a lot researchers don’t know about the genetics of autism and how it’s inherited. There’s no way to predict exactly how likely you are to have an autistic child. At least if you did have a child on the spectrum, you’d have a better idea than most of what symptoms to look for and how to help them with challenges.

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