Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

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William asks…

How do autistic teenagers show that they like someone?

I don’t mean platonically; like a crush. I know that there are different “levels”, so to speak, of autism. Some autistic people only have mild symptoms whereas others need a lot of special ed and parental attention to develop. Really, I’m just interested in a general sort of behaviour they’d exhibit. I’m not trying to alienate autistic people, in the prejudice that they “can’t be in love” because they have a different mindset to others. Of course they can. But WHAT specifically would they do to show the person they liked that they liked them?

This is why I’m curious:

A friend of mine was recently on holiday in Boston, Massachusetts to visit a family friend. The friend had a daughter, aged sixteen and an autistic son, aged fourteen. So, when her family were having dinner at their house, my friend told me that the boy kept kicking her foot under the table. She also felt uncomfortable as he’d stare at her quite a bit. He was quiet all evening, when suddenly, while all the parents were in the kitchen, he said: “I thought English girls were meant to be ugly.” He was again, looking directly at her. She didn’t exactly know how to reply.
She also noticed that his sister gave her this look, like she knew something.
My friend didn’t really appreciate what he said, though.

admin answers:

I have mild Asperger’s, so I’m more on the normal side, but usually if I like a guy I pick on him a lot, smile, sit up straight, and look him in the eyes a lot (I almost never look people in the eye). With my boyfriend, I’m really loyal and supportive of him and always stand up for him if someone is putting him down, I’m really passive about fighting with him (with everyone else, I love to argue), and he says I follow him around like a puppy (which I hope isn’t a bad thing).

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