Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

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Laura asks…

im a 15 year old girl. Have I got autism? ive read some symptoms and i think I might have it?

ive looked up autism on the internet and i seem to have most of the symptoms. Ive always known im a bit socially awkward like I struggle to talk to new people but im fine with my friends ive got now. However I always seem to lose friends eventually and move onto new ones but Im never happy with my friends and I always think theres better. But I thought that autistic people didn’t like change? im a 15 year old girl and im in a normal school. im doing well, getting As, Bs and Cs in my GCSEs and hoping to become a primary school teacher. although i struggle majorly with talking to a big group of people but i thought that was just lack of confidence. When I was really young i learnt to speak later than normal children so my mum always had a suspicion and I would cry when someone held me as a baby which ive also read as a symptom. Although when my grandma held me i immediately stopped crying and I was fine. Ive also had obsessions such as the internet, a certain toy, tv programme etc but i dont think i have one really at the minute, im just concentrating on school work. I just dont feel right and I think i may have autism. i struggle with eye contact, i dont know why but i just dont like looking at people in the eye for a long time, i tend to use hand gestures a lot which i guess is quite irriating for some people. Also, if a topic is being spoken about and then it changes sometimes i want to go back to that topic which ive read as a syptom. ive been to the doctors because my mum made me but the doctor said i was just a normal teenager. i do think i appear to be but theres something not right. Although im not sure i want to do anything about it at this stage because im worried it will affect my chances of going to sixthform and becoming a primary school teacher. I do struggle but i just thought it would get better when im older but now im doubting it. does anybody think i might have it or not? please help.

admin answers:

I’m like exactly the same and I don’t have autism. You are just a normal teen having a hard time.

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