Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

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Sandra asks…

Teenagers, when you’re in a depressed mood have you thought about suicide?

You know when we try to cope with hormonal mood swings. Have you ever attempted or thought about committing suicide? How long do these mood swings last? I heard they last for a few days but what if they last for months? Have you ever felt so happy for no reason? Like you’re on top of the world or not thinking about what you’re doing and do things more than usual? When you get depressed you show a lot of symptoms of clinical depression and when you’re happy you show symptoms of mania? You get these episodes and they last for months?! Yep I think that sounds like me. I thought I had depression until I recognise I’m not always like that they come and go and you go up and down for no reason? I’m just a normal teenager going through hormones? When I’m in a depressed mood the suicidal thoughts come back for no reason and that’s normal?!! I have autism by the way. Would it be hormones mixed with autism?

admin answers:

I'm sorry if this is not the best answer but I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone, I would say many people, especially teens, experience it but it doesn't mean it isn't real or less painful. As for how having autism affects it I don't know… I think regardless it's still really important to, as hard as I know it is, get help and to feel loved and wanted.

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