Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

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Mandy asks…

School says I have symptoms of someone with autism?

Ok, sooo Im not exactly the most behaved kid in the world, but for school to tell me something like that, its pretty shocking, I don’t even know what it is, what is autism? :s
I put a front on, and almost crave attention sometimes, I act ‘cocky’ and im not even too sure why, I hate it when I know somethings going to happen, and I get let down, or something about the plan changes, so for example if I had planned with someone to go out or something, and they changed their mind at the last minute, it would really f-u-c-k me off -.- I also don’t know how to talk to people, if that makes sense, I don’t like eye contact much as It make me feel uncomfortable, any new people or situations also makes me feel uncomfortable, is this autism? What exactly ( emphasis on the exactly 😛 ) is it, can it be cured? Is is a learning disable, because at school they say im bright, im so confused about the whole thing, im 15, 16 next year, was I born with it? :S
Thanks for any answers 🙂
Sorryyy, I forgot to add that the reason school told me this was because they’re wanting me to see a physiologist who works with people with autism

admin answers:

Although your school can say such a thing it takes an expert to give a proper diagnosis about this. Similar behaviour can just be a result of being in your mid teens. Since you’re capable of doing your school work then if anything it would be Asperger’s Syndrome, which is part of the autistic spectrum and is sometimes called ‘high functioning autism’, since full blown autism is frequently accompanied with mental retardation. Aspergers Syndrome is nothing like so serious, I have it myself and function perfectly well and I am also an expert in engineering and computers as opposed to being a retard. The main obvious effects of Aspergers are mostly about social interaction and anxiety, often accompanied with fairly high intelligence and facination with technical subjects. If you do think that you have this then you should try to seek a professional diagnosis. If you have it then don’t panic, it’s no big deal once you know what it is. Maybe you should do some research yourself, there’s plenty of information about it online. As I say, it might just be the usual symptoms of being a moody teenager finding your place in the adult world instead, which is a difficult time for nearly everyone. (don’t take offense!). It’s not curable and if you have it then you always have had it but it’s neither a disability nor a mental ilness, it’s more like a different way of seeing the world. Anyway, do you really want to be Mr or Mrs Average? How boring would that be? Anyway it might cheer you up to know that it’s very common amongst scientists, engineers and artists as opposed to people who flip burgers in MacDonalds for a living – they’re all very normal.

Don’t be worried about seeing a psychologist, they don’t bite. Obviously you need to know whether you have it or not. If not then that’s good but if you do then they’ll give you a lot of help to understand what it is and how to deal with it. I hated it at first when I was told that I had it but now I find it has really helped me to understand myself, I really wish that I’d understood when I was your age rather than at the age of 35.

Having had six years to get used to the idea (I’m 41 now) I’m completely happy in myself, something that I could never have achieved without understanding myself as well as I do now. Obviously some of that understanding comes with age too. However, I’m glad that there’s no ‘cure’ because that would be the same thing as a complete change in my personality – I like my personality just the way it is, such a change would effectively make me a different person.

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