Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults

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David asks…

Should I tell my teachers that I have autism?

I have Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning Autism), and I’m going to be starting student teaching this year. I will be working with kids who also have ASDs. I’m pretty good at masking my symptoms, but I still struggle with relating to people, and properly communicating. Is it wise to tell my teacher ahead of time that I have Asperger’s, or do you think that would hurt my career?
Not my own school teachers… the mentor teachers that will be observing my intership.

admin answers:

I would say no.

I work with students with mental problems and learning disabilities. Even though in my personal life I have been abused as a child, and have some minor learning disabilities I keep it to myself.

Honestly, I do have compassion for students even adults with issues. Though, I do not share with the staff & students my personal life.

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