Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults

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Thomas asks…

Is this recent autism epidemic only going in America or all over the globe?

If it’s only exploded in America, why?

admin answers:

It’s not an epidemic. Autism has simply been researched more, so there’s more awareness and information about it now than before and there is easier access to information about it now than before too. The media seems to have caught interest in it too, which is maybe why you hear more about autism now than before.

More professionals and even normal people recognize the symptoms now and refer autistic people to specialists who can help them. Before, autistic people were often either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

I’m an adult and only recently found out that I have an autism spectrum disorder. I wasn’t diagnosed as a child because nobody knew why I was so “weird”. Both I and everyone who knows me have always known that something is wrong, but the problem was not identified and dealt with until recently.

It’s not just in America. Other developed countries understand autism better now too and are doing more about it than before.

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