Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults

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Susan asks…

When should I see a regular psychologist?

Compared to other people, I seem to have more mental issues than the average person that accumulate to create random problems in my every day life. I think I have hypochondriac tendencies, so I don’t want to run off to a psychologist when it isn’t necessary (my husband and I don’t have a lot of money). Here are the main things:

I’ve never been diagnosed with ADHD but my mom, my premarital counselor, my husband and I have all wondered about it. When I have a project to do I have a ton trouble getting started. Once I get started I have trouble stopping. I hate being interrupted for anything.

I am extremely introverted and I scored a 29 on the AQ test. Those two things might be related, but I did find out that a score of 29 means I might have Asperger’s syndrome. I used to have a lot more trouble with people than I do now, but for instance, I got extremely depressed when I worked at a tech support/customer service place, largely because I hate being out of the house for that long and I also hate being forced to talk to people when I’m thinking about something else. It is too hard to focus. Now I clean houses which is a lot better, but I’m still out of the house for a long time and it makes me so tired that I don’t get much done in my time off (still better than the tech support place though).

I know most people hate costumer service and so forth, but I feel like my reaction was a little bit intense. I actually hoped to get in car accidents and so forth. I didn’t want to die, but I did want to have any possible excuse to not have to return to that place. I think the lighting, the dust, and tiny open cubicles were bad too. My coworkers and bosses were just fine, though.

Also: while I believe that autism and ADHD exist, I view them as extreme sections on a spectrum more than as problems. I think they are simply differences in people’s biological makeup or reactions to the world around them so I will not be taking any medication that affects my brain unless I really don’t think I can function without it. I am interested in talking to a psychologist to see if I should adjust my behavior, and to have someone to help me do so if necessary. Basically, just don’t suggest psychiatry. I am curious to know if others think I should see a psychologist. A psychologist’s opinion would be nice 😛

admin answers:

Asperger’s Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and ADHD are neurological in nature. Many of the co-current symptoms, like depression, are a mental condition.

If you see a psychologist, you’ll need one who knows how to recognize autism in adults. Adults have had a lifetime to adjust to certain symptoms. You’ll need to remember how you behaved as a child (taking a parent or sib with you who remembers this stuff will be of great help). Though an interesting caveat, for many of us, our symptoms have gotten worse with age. Also, take with you the knowledge that females are more difficult to diagnose.


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