Question?: Autism Symptoms In 3 Year Old

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William asks…

What Diseases could these symptoms be from?

My Girlfriend’s 2nd cousins. Here is the background. She had birth to 2 boys. The younger of the two passed away at about the age of 3 months. Autopsy results have only concluded heart and Kidney failure, even from specialists. The older brother is now 2 years old. He has similar symptoms but appears to have them less severe. One original Diagnosis was Bruton’s Disease which is an immune deficiency condition but this was later dismissed. He is very limited in his speech and can not walk on his own but has recently been able to stand with the help of an object. He also suffers from seizures but medication has helped. In appearance he seems to be normal and shows no obvious signs of retardation. He has seen specialists and his younger brother has been autopsied and studied by specialists but there is still no diagnosis. Thought I might give this a try.

admin answers:

Have they considered autism?

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