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Donald asks…

How to potty train a 5 year old autistic kid?

My kid is 5 years old and has autism problem. He is somewhat potty trained but regardless of our efforts he is not completely trained. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

You probably need to elaborate what you are doing thus far… Think about why he is successful when he is going in the toilet. A good way is this, though…
1.When he is home, give him a lot to drink (water or preferred drink).
2.Read signs from him that he needs to go and get him right into the bathroom at that point OR put him on an hourly toileting schedule.
3. When he is successful, reward him with preferred activity/item (but only use that item for toileting; don’t use it any other time).

Basically, by giving him a lot of water, you can begin to gauge when he has to go and take him if he has clear signals (e.g., holds himself, jumps up and down). If he doesn’t have clear signals, take him on a schedule…

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