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Carol asks…

what are the questions the psycheatrist make to a person to test asperger syndrome?

when a psycheatrist or a psychologist is testing asperger syndrome in someone, what are the questions they make to them?

admin answers:

I think they have a variety of questions that they follow according to their DSVM medical diagnoses book.

Here are a few sample questions they might ask:
-Do you like working with yourself or do you like working in groups?
-Do you often find yourself into one subject that you can’t stop talking or thinking about?
-Do you notice your arms or hands moving around when you want to communicate?
-When someone asks you to share a toy or chair you refuse to let them use what is considered yours?
-When someone is sad or lost a loved one, you show no empathy towards them.

If you find in most of these questions that are a YES, then that would be a key to what someone may have aspergers syndrome.

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