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Carol asks…

How could one take care an autistic child?

She is 24 years old now and cannot talk. When she is annoyed, she will have violent tantrums by suddenly gripping another person’s hair then banging her head on his head. What should we do? We are from the Philippines.

admin answers:

It is so difficult bringing up an autistic child. You need support people around to help because its a 24/7 task. I have a niece who’s autistic. She cannot talk either, at 18. She also grabs people’s hair, usually to smell it. She seems to live by ‘triggers’. For instance, if she is taken for a walk, after that she has to do a certain thing followed by something else – always the same. And if something is different or changes she becomes confused and then angry, but if we get her back into her routine she calms down quickly.
Please find help because her tantrums sound quite bad and if she’s like my niece she will be very strong. All she knows is something is not right with her but she won’t know about the pain it will be causing for family. There is a way of controlling her behaviour but you must seek help, maybe first through your doctor.
It is so hard I know. I love my autistic niece. There is something so special about her. She’s brave and she knows so many things that she cannot express. I wish you all the best and hope that you find the right people to help.

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