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William asks…

How do you deal with temper tantrums from a 3 yr old boy who could be autistic?

Pulling hair, biting, pushing…with no anger expression in his face…usually smiling or laughing when he does it..its like he gets in a zone of his own world running around the room followed by a few violent acts like that then he calms down..

I babysit this child by the way…

admin answers:

First ask the parents what they do. One hopes they have visuals, pictures and a plan – you need to know that plan. If they are clueless – and are hoping it will just stop – please encourage them to seek assistance from their local school district if they are in the US.

In general – you need to be alert enough to catch the child BEFORE they implode. Maybe their face gets different or it’s about a particular thing. If you can change the activity before the anger that might help. The more angry he is the less he will be able to process any words. If there is something he likes – Sponge Bob or Lego’s etc. Have a picture handy and show him to redirect to something appealing and of high interest.

The bottom line though is that the family needs some help.

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