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Maria asks…

i cant study as i cant stop listening to songs?

i am studying in 11th grade, and i really need to study hard this time of the year…..and i am a good learner too but nowadays i just can’t stop myself. i am not able to study. i mean i dont play the whole day, i listen to songs, every type of song, and i cant stop listening to them
every time i sit down to study i hum those songs and hence am unable to concentrate as i do that on the lyrics….what do i do?

admin answers:

Try turning the music off and sitting quietly for 30 mins. Or so! See if your mind quiets down first. Or you could try playing classical music at a low level while you study. Something with out words, and down low almost to the point you can’t hear it. Like just background noise. If that doesn’t help, check out ADD/ADHD!!! Good Luck!!! Happy New Year’s

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