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Asperger Syndrome Explained – Effective Ways To Deal With It

Asperger Syndrome As A Milder Form Of Autism

There is a difference between autism and Asperger Syndrome. Language is not affected in Asperger Syndrome, and since the symptoms are not obvious, it is difficult to pin down as a disorder. Also, it does not develop in early life, but seems to come on at a later stage in life. It is difficult to deal with, therefore if either your child or you find difficulty in communicating or suffer from behavioral attitudes in a social environment, you should consider it necessary to visit your family doctor who will be able to assist you.

There have been a number of distinguished and successful people who have suffered from Asperger Syndrome. According to historians, even Mozart and Einstein had been victims of this disorder. But, at the same time, the fact is that it is not to be associated with mental retardation. The people suffering from this disorder are usually highly intelligent and have keen mental faculties. Just as an autistic child struggles to interact in a group, a person with Asperger Syndrome finds it extremely difficult to adjust to a social environment. Children can be victims of unfair treatment in school if this disorder is left unchecked. In fact, once a child knows that he has Asperger Syndrome, he is aware that he can get help which is a relief to him instead of feeling that he is different from everyone else. So, correct diagnosis can help all around.

Symptoms Of Asperger Syndrome To Watch Out For

There are symptoms that are similar to autism, namely, being in a confused state when in a social gathering. Another symptom is the inability to deal with change – the person would like everything to be the same – a sudden change of scene is extremely disturbing and may cause anxiety.

Sometimes a person with Asperger Syndrome may be impolite without necessarily meaning to be that way – he has difficulty in judging other people’s mental processes. Another symptom is focusing on interests that capture his attention, but those with Asperger Syndrome are more controlled than their autistic counterpart.

If you see yourself with any of these symptoms or if you find them in a family member or close friend, you should seek medical help, and your doctor will be able to assist you with advice, and if need be, refer you to a specialist in the field. He will also recommend that you study all you can about the disorder and thus gain an insight into the symptoms and how it can be treated. It is best to get timely help, so that you can move on with your life.

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Recognizing And Coping With Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome is a relatively mild form of autism that effects people in different ways than regular autism. Because it usually does not affect language, many people with Asperger Syndrome go undiagnosed. This is the one form of autism that is usually not caught at an early age and is instead a disorder that develops later in life. Asperger Syndrome, however, can be a very difficult condition to have, so as soon as you suspect yourself or your child of having communication and social behavior problems, see your family doctor.

Many famous and successful people were diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Historians even suggest that Einstein and Mozart each suffered from this disorder. It is important to note that no form of autism is a form of mental retardation. In fact, most people with Asperger Syndrome are very intelligent. Asperger Syndrome does not dictate mental ability, but rather makes it difficult for people to communicate in social settings, much in the same way a typical autistic child has trouble with behavior in groups.

When this disorder goes undiagnosed, children do not get the help they need, leading to problems in school such as bullying. Most children are relieved to find out they have Asperger Syndrome instead of just thinking they are less of a person. By getting diagnosed, not only can you or your child put a name to the problems, but it is then also possible to get treated to improve your overall situation.

Some symptoms to watch out for if you suspect Asperger Syndrome are some of the same symptoms that people with full-blown autism experience. This includes social confusion, first and foremost. Many people with Asperger Syndrome find it very difficult to deal with transition or change, wanting everything to stay the same. A quickly changing environment is especially confusing. People with Asperger Syndrome also may say rude or inappropriate things when they don’t mean to do so, and may not be able to understand others’ thought processes.

Another common trait they share with autistic individuals is fixation, although people with Asperger Syndrome usually have more control over their fixations, which take the form of highly focused interests. If you suspect yourself or a loved one of this disorder, these are just a few of the signs for which you should be watching. You doctor should be able to answer further questions and provide both reading material and treatment for this disorder.

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Asperger Syndrome – is There a Cure for Asperger?

If your child or any child that you know has little social and communication skills, shows some repetitive behavior and/or becomes overly involved in one topic, that child may have Asperger Syndrome. Aspergers is in the Autism Spectrum Disorder class of disorders and is a type of high functioning autism. This means that someone with Asperger’s will generally have better language skills than someone with full autism and will generally be able to live a more normal life.

Having said that, Aspergers still can be quite hard to deal with and some lifestyle changes will need to be made to work around your Aspergers child. There is no cure for Aspergers but there are treatments and strategies available to make life easier for an Aspergers person.

A child with Asperger Syndrome will often become quite obsessive in a single topic or object and will learn everything they can about it. You may find that this topic that they are involved in is all that they will want to talk about and they may continue to constantly talk about it even though others are really not interested in it.

One of the biggest characteristics of Asperger Syndrome is the lack of communication and social skills. Asperger children will find it hard to interact with other children of their own age and will find it difficult to make friends and maintain friendships. Sometimes they may make close friends and will maintain that friendship for a period of time and then all of a sudden that friend will no longer want to be friends with them. The child will probably have no idea why this person no longer wants to be their friend and this is a pattern that may continue throughout their lives.

A child with Aspergers will usually sit back and watch children play and will be hesitant to join in until they are actually invited. It isn’t that they don’t want friends because they really do, but they just aren’t sure how to communicate properly. Because of this problem with communicating with children of their own age, Asperger children will often prefer to play with children younger than them or even to hold a conversation with adults.

Life can be quite difficult for a child with Asperger Syndrome and because they are usually of above average intelligence they do know that they are different but they just don’t know how to change that. This can be very stressful and many children may end up with anxiety disorders or even depression.

There are strategies and techniques that can be used to help teach your child the social skills that they lack and this will be a huge benefit for them throughout their life to learn these skills. If you have a child with Asperger Syndrome I highly recommend that you learn as much as you can about the disorder and teach them the social skills they need to give them a big head start to leading a reasonably normal life.

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Asperger Syndrome Treatment – 5 Tested Ways To Help Children

Asperger Syndrome is one of several autism spectrum disorders. It is characterized with problems in social interaction, although bad motor skills are also a common condition of Asperger Syndrome. Treatment for Asperger Syndrome varies with each child. There is no medication to treat a child with Asperger Syndrome, but there are treatments to help with the symptoms of the condition.

The treatments can vary because different things will work for different children. Just because one treatment works for one child that has Asperger Syndrome doesn’t mean it will work for another. Here is a look at the different treatments a child with Asperger Syndrome can have:

Social Skills Training: Children suffering from Asperger Syndrome have a hard time distinguishing facial expressions and voice tone. They don’t understand the different meanings and will take everything said literally. These children will be taught the differences between facial expressions and voice tone and will help them understand jokes and sarcasm. Children with Asperger Syndrome usually have a difficult time making eye contact. Giving them training in social skills will help them interact with other people and other children better, making the social setting a lot easier for them.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: This type of therapy helps children recognize a bad situation before it happens. Many children with Asperger Syndrome usually have high anxiety and this type of therapy will teach them how to reduce stress. Normally, the child will have a meltdown or throw a temper tantrum when something doesn’t go their way. This type of therapy helps children to cope and handle situations better, reducing the number of outbursts.

Parental Education: Children aren’t the only ones who can go through training. Parents can also take training classes to learn how to deal with their children who have Asperger Syndrome. Some of the tips that parents are taught are to use a reward system with your child. The reward system shows the child that by remaining calm will have its benefits. However, this training also shows parents how to handle children when they have outbursts.

Medication: There isn’t a specific medicine that will treat Asperger Syndrome, but there are prescriptions to treat symptoms. Children can take anxiety or depression medication. Unfortunately, these pills may have side effects and you have to monitor your children closely. Check to see how they are responding and if their behavior is more unusual. Some children may also have a difficult time sleeping. Children with Asperger Syndrome can be given sleeping sills or some type of sedative to help them at night.

Positive Reinforcement: Children with Asperger Syndrome can do well with the parents and other authority figures giving positive reinforcement. By showing them what they need to do and support them through their endeavors, children with Asperger Syndrome can maintain independent lifestyles.

Children with Asperger Syndrome don’t have to be left behind. They have can have normal lives and with proper treatments children with Asperger Syndrome don’t have to suffer. There are no magic pills or treatments that are going to cure Asperger Syndrome, but there are ways to help reduce the symptoms. Talk to your doctor about the different treatment options to help your child in social settings.

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Asperger Syndrome and Definition

Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders…Asperger syndrome and definition: The child’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively is affected. The condition is characterized by an inability to interact or communicate socially.

Some of the typical asperger syndrome and definition characteristics include:

* Uncoordinated motor movements and clumsiness.

* Poor posture

* Social impairments

* Limited interests and sometimes unusual preoccupations

* The need for repetition and ritualistic obsessions, like lining up possessions, collecting timetables and so on…

* Inability to communicate effectively lack of ability to understand wit, humor, puns and slang words

* Inability to read body language or facial expression…lack of eye contact

* Inappropriate behaviors

* Speech and language deficits…odd use of language and sometimes language can be delayed.

* Appearing to lack the ability to understand others feelings and emotions…one sided friendships…there way or no way!

As with autism there is no cure for asperger syndrome. That said there are things you can do to help those asperger individuals.

Asperger syndrome and definition:

Generally an asperger individual will display limited facial expressions. Mostly the asperger individual will have excellent rote memory, and will also display an intense interest in one maybe two topics to the exclusion of anything else.

These interests can sometimes be with the strangest of things; for example a bus timetable, a clock some marbles etc.

An asperger person may appear preoccupied with their own agenda to the exclusion of anything or anyone else.

Children with asperger syndrome have a better chance of living independently than those children with autism or other conditions on the spectrum.

Treatments and therapies are used for the asperger person as well as social skills training, educational intervention and medications.

I want to focus if I may on social skills training…Research suggest one of the main disabilities faced by asperger syndrome people is their lack of social awareness and deficits in social skills and communications.

If an individual with aspergers is going to live independently, and live as near a normal life as possible, this area needs to be looked at…and techniques and resources need to be put in place, to aid the individual with aspergers, achieve this goal.

There are resources that can help achieve this long term goal. One of those resources is the use of autism social skills stories, or asperger social skills stories.

These excellent resources are designed to help the asperger or autistic person understand and deal with situations and activities that the rest of us take for granted like tooth brushing or catching a train or bus.

The asperger social skills stories are a blueprint to independent life and those things we take for granted like…shopping trips or flushing toilets.

An asperger individual may be confused by certain situations and struggle to understand things like friendships, being a good sport and so on..

These are areas that asperger social skills stories can benefit them with clear precise information and instruction.

For a variety of topics that the asperger individual is finding confusing or that may be making them anxious or aggressive.

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