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I suppose it is frustrating that there is no way to contact us. I have put my phone number out there for people to see and now I get sales people calling me at least 10 times a day. On this blog I have had as bad as 40,000 spam emails in my inbox. It was taking up so much space that my hosting company sent me a warning that if I didn’t do something, I would get shut off. So what I did was start an email address for anyone that has a question or comment for me personally or If you want an article published, you could send that in and I would publish in by hand with no editing and credit to you. You must include your real name and email. (Or better yet your Google+ name and Google+ address and we would include that and Google would pay attention to it.)  The new address will be at info[at]  just replace the [at]  with the @ symbol. The reason we use that other symbol is because the web site scrapers look for that symbol. We will change that address as it gets caught up in spam.

So it is up and running.  Bob


We are have installed the new messaging system for the blog posts.  We have gotten much more traffic, which is good.

So to fine tune things I have changed some key search words. The list is below. Maybe this will get rid of some of the off key articles. This may take a while to work however because we have a backlog of articles to publish. Thanks for your patience. Bob

  • what is autism
  • autism
  • autism children
  • autism symptoms
  • autism signs
  • treatment for autism
  • autism beta rage
  • asperger syndrome
  • rett syndrome
  • PDD
  • ADHD

Don’t forget this blog is set up for mobile use. The new Theme folds up to make it narrow but longer for mobile use.
If you want something to be in this blog go over to Yahoo Answers and post a question but make sure the Title has the word autism in it and a couple autism words in the body and our machine will eventually get it.
While we were working on it, we decided to put some items in the sidebar. A translator for all our non English speaking friends. We get lots of them every day. We also put in a search box and a posts box. We hope this helps.

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Autism And Aspbergers And Schizophrenia And Beta Rage