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With technology becoming more important and useful every day, a variety of education application aimed at children amid autism is now available. Many general educational software titles can moreover be custom for autistic children. Autism Graphics

Because sensory output out of a computer can merely be adjusts (i.e., volume can be turned even greater and lower, the screen can be brightened or darkened, etc.), autistic borrowers usually find this type of technology easy to use when other techniques may fail. Introduce your child to the coming up software to improve the ability of them in their education.

For young children, programs that focus on sounds are successfully used for many autistic children. These programs teach phonics through songs and games. Some of the most highly acclaimed software programs include the following:

• Sound Beginnings (1 and 2) – can be made voice-specific for every child and includes a headset so the child can “talk back” to the computer Autism Graphics


• Speaking for Myself – includes many graphics with words and sounds and also has options teaching Rebus and Makaton signs with videos

• Musical Leaps and Bounds – teaches language nonverbally with the use of music Other programs for this pre-school age range help children begin to learn skills such as the alphabet, counting and simple math, and spatial relationships. Check out titles such as Kidspiration, Jemima, Touch It, and Thinkin’ Things 1.

As your child grows and matures, introduce more age-appropriate software into their learning routine. Elementary school age autistic children benefit greatly from the program Fun with Feelings, software which uses video and visuals to identify emotions.

Problem Solvers is another wonderful title for children in elementary school. It was designed by a parent of an autistic child, so is specifically targeted for this learning disorder. Problem Solvers engages a child in the W-questions (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and works on auditory processing, comprehension, and conversation skills. Other age-appropriate titles you may wish to consider for you elementary school aged autistic child include:

• School Routines and Rules – teaches with visuals skills a child needs to learn to interact in schools

• All About Ourselves – helps autistic child work on verbal and visual skills while learning about the body Autism Graphics

• Choices, Choices – includes many situations to encourage autistic children to develop social skills and awareness Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Autism Graphics program now!

Autism Graphics is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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