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Autism 18 Months

Autism cannot be called a disease; it is rather a symptom of a condition. The severity of autism could range from the normal handicapped situation to that of an overwhelming disability that impairs normal life and often compels the sufferer to seek institutional care.

Autism is in fact one of the most common of all the developmental disabilities that have been recognized by modern medical science, autism affects children in their growing up days, and it affects more than 8 in 1000 children, which is quite an alarming sign.

Children having autism usually have a different way of communication. They rather have their own way of communicating with the world. The normal expressions and feelings are beyond their level of understanding. They in fact face extreme difficulties in understanding what others think. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to express their feelings through words, facial gestures, and expression or through touch. Children usually become extremely sensitive when suffering from this condition, which gradually makes them more susceptible to certain sounds, odors, feelings, touches and certain sights that are otherwise normal for most of us.

Autistic children have different characteristics that develop with age. They are most likely to have certain repeated movements, such as constant flapping of hands or clapping for no reason at all. Their response to people or to things or objects around them is also unusual, and change is something they simply do not like. Change in their regular routine can make them more aggressive and self-injurious too. Some common physical symptoms noticed in autistic people are seizures. Autism 18 Months

Not all autistic children or people are mentally challenged, however, most of them are. Some of the autistic people tend to have average level of intelligence. Nonetheless, some cases are actually mentally retarded, showing no or uneven skill development. They often experience problems in certain areas, such as communication and also in building relations. However, they might have well developed skills in certain other areas like music, drawing, poetry, puzzle solving, mathematics and memory games. They excel in nonverbal tests, but might not be up to the mark in verbal tests due to their inability to communicate.

Autism is a condition that a person is born with. However, in some cases, the symptoms might only manifest once a child is about 3 years old, but there are children who might show the signs right after their birth. The ones who develop normally tend to slip into the autistic symptoms once they are about 18 months’ old ore more. Autism is more prevalent in boys than girls. However, there isn’t any factor of racial discrimination, social boundaries or ethnicity. Autism is still being perceived as a probable genetic disorder running in families; the real cause is yet to be identified. Autism 18 Months

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