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Autism Signs Baby – Signs That Your Baby Is Autistic

Autism Signs Baby

Several years ago, autism can only be recognized in children as early as 18 to 24 months of age. But today, after several studies and observations, we can now recognize the earlier signs of autism in babies. Signs include having an unusual eye contact, peculiarities of hearing, and social development and play.

The word “autism” is derived from the Greek word “autos” which means “self”, and it affects the way children view others in relation to themselves. This is why autistic children can be best described as “having their own world”. They want to play and be alone, do not want to be touched or hugged, and have problems interacting with others.

Autism is a pervasive disorder which affects multiple areas of functioning. ASD affects children differently – in their cognitive ability, in their IQ, in developing communications skills, in their relationship with others even with their own parents, and so many more.

Although there are still debates about the causes of autism, experts believe that the earlier autistic children receive treatment, the better the outcome is likely to be. Early intervention makes a huge difference in the battle against autism in babies. Signs of autism must be carefully observed and seek immediate help if you spot them in your child. Instead of playing the wait-and-see game, parents must be vigilant in observing the development of their child. This will greatly contribute in enhancing the quality of life of children. Autism Signs Baby

Researchers and experts are now claiming that they can recognize autism as young as 6 months old or even earlier in some cases. The good thing about this is that new and earlier treatment for autism can then be developed and it can make a huge difference in the child’s future.

Here are the red flags of autism in babies – signs that your baby is autistic:

Eye Contact – Having an unusual gaze or in making an eye contact is a very common sing of autism in babies. Signs of disinterest with other people and the environment can also be observed.

Hearing – Autistic babies respond less when called upon compared to normal developing babies. They are also not affected by any audible changes in the surroundings. Hence, most autistic babies are initially suspected of being deaf.

Social Development and Play – Autistic babies may show lack of interest in the types of play that other infants enjoy, even those which involve social interaction with the parents.

Because these early signs can vary in severity and symptoms, they may go unrecognized. Therefore, parents must be careful in observing the behavior of autism in babies. Signs of autism can also be a sign of other disorders.

Also, according to one research, a child who has an older brother or sister diagnosed with autism is more likely to be autistic as well. Parents may notice that their child’s physical development is different from others. Having a larger than the normal head circumference is said to be an indication of autism in babies. Signs of having unusual facial expressions and gestures can also be noted. Autism Signs Baby

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Sign Of Autism In Toddlers – 4 Easy Tips To Effectively Deal With Early Signs Of Autism

Sign Of Autism In Toddlers

There are 4 easy tips to consider in the beginning about dealing with early signs of Autism. These are things many times parents of adult children with Autism do not think to talk about with younger parents. These tips can help parents with the confidence they need early on.

1. If you have older children you have children you can make comparisons between them. Yes I know everyone told me not to compare my children too. While that is true on many levels this is a little different situation. You are using your gut instincts to judge if there is a problem that needs further investigation. Sign Of Autism In Toddlers

2. If you do not have older children find some. You can usually find younger children at the fast food play ground or Mother’s Day Out programs. Ask relatives with children a little older what they think.

3. Even though all children develop differently it can give you a rough idea of what should be going on. Now and later in you and your child’s life you will want to know older children with and without Autism.

4. Make a list of the similarities and differences. This list will come in handy. Parents will be able to use it with doctors and therapist and even with the early intervention system in their state. You will want to update your list every 6 months or every year. Years from now you will want to keep a record of what was happening during this time. Sometimes it is hard to see how far we have come if we don’t keep a written record. Sign Of Autism In Toddlers

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Autism Retardation – Autism And Its Generated Behavioral And Mental Impairments

Autism Retardation

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that dramatically affects people’s behaviors and social interactions. The disorder can be revealed in early childhood, by the age of 3. Although the first signs of autism can sometimes be identified in infants, the disorder is usually discovered at a later stage of life. Autistic children present a wide range of behavioral abnormalities, and they can be easily identified among normal children. While normal young children long for the presence of their parents and love to play in the company of other kids, autistic children are very indifferent, showing no interest to the people around them.

Egocentrism is a major behavioral characteristic of children with autism, who may even ignore the presence of their mothers or caretakers, avoiding any form of interaction with them. In early childhood, autistics develop repetitive, stereotype behaviors and become very upset if their routine is perturbed. In many cases, autistic children may also engage in self-harm activities such as head-banging.

The communication skills of autistic children are also impaired. While some children with autism may refuse to speak at all, others experience pronounced difficulties in expressing themselves. Autistics are generally withdrawn, passive, and low-responsive. In many cases, they even avoid making eye contact with other people. Autism Retardation

Autism can be anywhere from mild to very pronounced. Children who suffer from milder forms of autism are usually very intelligent. For this category of children, the disorder only affects their emotional intelligence and their social interaction skills, leaving their judgment intact. Hence, while these children may have poor adaptation and social interaction skills, they may have a very good logic, excelling at math or in other similar areas. In many cases, autistics may even have remarkable talent for visual arts or music. At the opposite pole, children with severe autism also suffer from mental retardation. The development of mentally retarded autistic children is very slow and these children rarely make any progress.

Although the exact causes of autism haven’t yet been identified by medical science, it is believed that genetic factors have a very important role in the occurrence of the disorder. Autism involves abnormalities at the level of the central nervous system which are suspected to occur on the premises of genetic dysfunctions.

Considering the fact that there is no cure for autism, medical treatments available today can’t reverse the neurological damage caused by the disorder. However, what medical treatments can do is to minimize the undesirable effects of autism. If children with autism are prescribed an appropriate medical treatment, their development can be supported and their symptoms can be kept under control.

With the aid of medical treatments and the support of their families, autistic children can eventually be integrated into the society. Autism Retardation

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Autism 18 Months –

Autism 18 Months

Autism cannot be called a disease; it is rather a symptom of a condition. The severity of autism could range from the normal handicapped situation to that of an overwhelming disability that impairs normal life and often compels the sufferer to seek institutional care.

Autism is in fact one of the most common of all the developmental disabilities that have been recognized by modern medical science, autism affects children in their growing up days, and it affects more than 8 in 1000 children, which is quite an alarming sign.

Children having autism usually have a different way of communication. They rather have their own way of communicating with the world. The normal expressions and feelings are beyond their level of understanding. They in fact face extreme difficulties in understanding what others think. This makes it increasingly difficult for them to express their feelings through words, facial gestures, and expression or through touch. Children usually become extremely sensitive when suffering from this condition, which gradually makes them more susceptible to certain sounds, odors, feelings, touches and certain sights that are otherwise normal for most of us.

Autistic children have different characteristics that develop with age. They are most likely to have certain repeated movements, such as constant flapping of hands or clapping for no reason at all. Their response to people or to things or objects around them is also unusual, and change is something they simply do not like. Change in their regular routine can make them more aggressive and self-injurious too. Some common physical symptoms noticed in autistic people are seizures. Autism 18 Months

Not all autistic children or people are mentally challenged, however, most of them are. Some of the autistic people tend to have average level of intelligence. Nonetheless, some cases are actually mentally retarded, showing no or uneven skill development. They often experience problems in certain areas, such as communication and also in building relations. However, they might have well developed skills in certain other areas like music, drawing, poetry, puzzle solving, mathematics and memory games. They excel in nonverbal tests, but might not be up to the mark in verbal tests due to their inability to communicate.

Autism is a condition that a person is born with. However, in some cases, the symptoms might only manifest once a child is about 3 years old, but there are children who might show the signs right after their birth. The ones who develop normally tend to slip into the autistic symptoms once they are about 18 months’ old ore more. Autism is more prevalent in boys than girls. However, there isn’t any factor of racial discrimination, social boundaries or ethnicity. Autism is still being perceived as a probable genetic disorder running in families; the real cause is yet to be identified. Autism 18 Months

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