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We are trying to publish as much information on Autism as is possible. Since we have an Autistic son, we think we have to do the best job possible and include as much information as possible. This blog is a lot of work but we think it is worth it if it helps people feel better by learning more about Autism and its causes and side effects. There is more than one type of autism. Some worse than others. By worse I mean how bad the behavior can be. If you have an Autistic person at home you may know what I mean.

We all love our kids, Autistic or not. There is a natural tendency for that to happen. So meanwhile we become info hounds,and try to find out as much info as possible. I am no different than you. I have read a lot of my posts and have learned some Amazing things. I hope you do too.

What causes Autism? Who knows? All I know is my son was born in 1979 and is no different than the current crop of victims. All the same symptoms back then as now. In 1979 the doctors were not aware of this sickness like they are now. He was 11 before he was diagnosed. Up till then he had something called “Failure To Thrive” which was a catch all for his Mom was a piece of crap mom and probably ignored him and treated him bad. So the doctors sort of shunned us and we learned to fight for simple rights and some things that people take for granted. That sucked. Can you imagine getting treated like that when your kid is that sick? Well that happens to pioneers. It is probably why there is a 95% divorce rate that goes along with this syndrome.

OK so meanwhile no one is looking for the cause still after all this time. You have to go back to 1979 to look. My son is the first of a wave of something new and long lasting. So what happened around then? What new came out back then that everyone uses even more now than back then?
I was a Ham Radio Operator. I used to work on 10 meter CW a lot back then. I remember he would wake up from naps screaming when I would do that. Somehow he could hear the Morse code in his brain. After he was one or two years old I quit that all together. So that leads to high frequency electrical modulated current. Does that cause it? I ran into a fellow that’s son was a real bad Autistic. His job was a lineman on high tension lines. Back then microwave ovens were just getting started. Hmmmmm. Maybe thats part of it.

What else came out back then? How about GE foods? That was just booming back then. Genetically Engineered foods make some people sick. A certain percentage. No one talks about it. Are you suppose to eat something that makes you sick when you are pregnant? (Or the father producing seeds)

Back then they were just inventing new plastic. Stronger and more powerful. How about Teflon pots? That was new.

The problem is, no one in business can believe we can do anything wrong. Especially to this magnitude.

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