Question?: Autistic Disorder

Jenny asks…

What is the diffrent in autisum and autisum spectrum disorder?

we have a child with autisum spectrum disorder. And we can not get any help with the DSN board until we get a statement from doctor that says autisum only.

admin answers:

I also have a child with autism so i want you to know that i DO know i am talking about when it comes to autism. My son was diagnoised when he was 4 yrs old and he’s know 8.
Anyways, i dont know what you mean by the DSN board so i cant answer anything about that specificaly but what i can tell you is there is NO difference between autism and autism spectrum disorder. It is the same thing. If your child has autism then they fall under the listing of autism spectrum disorder.
The reason it is called a “spectrum disorder” is because the severity of people’s symptoms and limitations etc…ranges very widely. Some kids are obviously extremly delayed, with no speech, no eye contact and a high amount of symptoms like echolia (repeating frequently the same words/phrases) or other symptoms. There are also people who have very few symptoms and you might not even realize their autistic, then theirs people all in the middle.
So, that is all the “spectrum disorder” means, it is a way to classify autism itself and describe it when diagnoising.
So, i have no idea why anyone would push to have only autism written down by your doctor. To say a child has autism spectrum disorder is to say they have autism. It’s basically one in the same. I hope this helped! Good Luck with your child, its a hard road but it is WELL worth it!

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo Answers

Sandy asks…

What hodgkin’s lymphoma treatments are there alternative to mainstream chemo and radiotherapy?

I’m looking into natural approaches, although I’m keen to hear other therapies other than chemo and radio. I am quite new to the subject, so please feel free to share.

Thank you.

admin answers:

Hodgkin lymphoma can cause many symptoms:

Swollen lymph nodes (that do not hurt) in the neck, underarms, or groin,Becoming more sensitive to the effects of alcohol or having painful lymph nodes after drinking alcohol, Weight loss for no known reason, Fever that does not go away, Soaking night sweats, Itchy skin, Coughing, trouble breathing, or chest pain, Weakness and tiredness that don’t go away.

Curable by Acupressure techniques & Indian natural remedies. How?

•TARGET THERAPY* for any incurable disease including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Thalassemia, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, etc., —it should aim @ [3] steps.
1. Removal of toxins from all internal organs & purging through Normal Drainage systems, feces, urine, menses[females], skin, lungs and vomiting.
•2. Activating all the internal organs to make each & every organ to function up to optimum levels.
3. Supplying vitamins, nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, trace elements for invigorating the entire Immune system to produce antibodies.

•Acupressure techniques & Indian Natural Remedies [comprising Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Bio-chemic salts, Herbal Remedies, Yoga/Meditation, Magneto-therapy, Sidha, etc.,] can meet all the requirements.
•Acupressure Techniques—NO SIDE EFFECTS. NO HOSPITALIZATION. Costs Affordable even by the poor. An acupressure Therapeutist can, not only diagnose any disease instantaneously, but, also prevent/treat any disease & or the affected organ[s] with the aid of Indian natural remedies. All stipulated instructions must be followed most religiously. The % of success depends upon the extent of compliance.
4. U may try acupressure techniques and natural remedies strictly for 45 days and If U find any perceivable improvements, U may continue it for another 45 days to have total cure.

PS.If satisfied/benefited with, inform others to browse ‘YAHOO ANSWERS’ on any health issue.

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Question?: Autistic Definition

Joseph asks…

Autistic Children Are Very Smart!!!!!?

I don’t know anybody with autism.
All I know is that they’re very good in either math,reading,science,social studies,or technology.
It’s funny you know?
Before I found out about that,I thought autism was a disease or a mental retardation.
So help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

admin answers:

this is not meant in a offencive way but please do not speak for the entire autistic spectrum-some of us with autism do have intelectual disability,its only aspergers that has criteria against having it,and even then people are diagnosed with aspergers when theyre only one point away from intelectual disability or above as that is the definition of high functioning.
The majority of people with classic autism have some level of intelectual disability acording to the national autistic society.

whoever have got that information from go give them a kick,though am not one to encourage self harm.
Those of us with classic autism are not ‘non functioning’,even those who are extremely low functioning are not ‘non functioning’ and some manage supported voluntary work-woud know as am living with two who do [theyre also profoundly autistic],non functioning is someone in a deep life support assisted coma.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

Mandy asks…

Is it Autism, Language Confusion, or Lack of Socialization?

I am concerned about my niece’s development. She is 34 months old and doesn’t really talk much. She babbles like a young toddler (maybe a 1 year old). When she does try to repeat certain words, they are not very clear at all. She does give eye contact, but not all of the time. She has moments when she is really happy and laughing. Then she has these crying spells especially when it comes to eating (she is very picky and barely eats anything) or bathing. Her cry sounds like an infant’s cry. She will also go up to some kids and hit or spit at them out of nowhere. She likes other children most of the time but she will often wander around on her own and avoid playing.

Here is her situation: She is the only child. Here grandparents watch her while her parents work during the day. The grandparents do not take her around other children at all since they don’t drive and don’t live near a park. The only time she sees other children is at “Gymboree Play and Music” for about 1 hour every Saturday. The Grandparents speak spanish to her and her parents speak English to her.

Could her speech be delayed because she is confused by the 2 languages being spoken to her? Could her aggression/lack of speech be due to her lack of socialization? Could this be a form of autism?

Any information will help and thank you in advance.

admin answers:

The cause doesn’t matter as much as the treatment.

Language confusion would not cause a significant delay.

Lack of exposure to other kids would not cause a significant delay.

There are other causes besides autism…we CANNOT say she us likely on the spectrum from what you describe, but it is a possibility.

Aggression could be because of frustration with the inability to communicate….or is she is just sat in front of a TV and not actively engaged..

In the US< the parents need to contact the school district IMMEDIATELY. It takes about 3 months to get a placement in a free preschool special ed program…and at this point, she probably would not start until September.

They can try the state early intervention program (in most states it runs until 36 months)…they won't get much time from it, but would still be eligible.

What you describe is more typical of 12-14 months or younger…when words aren't expected to be clear..if she is not initiating any words on her own–i would say it is less than the 12 month level…she is about 66% delayed…and any delay of 25-33% should be professionally addressed.

Also, look into making an appointment with a DEVELOPMENTAL PEDIATRICIAN or similar specialist. It is blatant malpractice that the regular pediatrician did not ask about or pick up on this delay.

In most areas speech therapist/pathologist is the same thing.

Ask a professional on help with feeding–you don't want to just randomly mix things avoid things like flour, artificial coloring..these things are not a problem for most people–even those with autism….as far as the could be the sponge she doesn't like…you need to figure out what the issue is..

They make this new gadget that does a light show in the bath…if she like lights, maybe something like that would help.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

David asks…

Are these symptoms or Aspergers Syndrome?

I get easily distracted

I get very emotionally attached to one thing like movies or characters. .
I find it hard to read people’s emotions

I always rock back and forth, or shake my hands around

I don’t go out to play a lot and I mostly just sit alone

I find myself often getting lost while in conversation with my friends

People say that I am being cheeky, bad mannered or growling when’s don’t realise it.

I’m not good at making new friends.

I don’t like any loud sudden noises or tags on my clothes or Certain textures of food POTATOS.

I get very angry and annoyed if someone disturbs me.

I daydream more than I should.

I have trouble starting or continuing a conversation.

Please help me out and if it is how do I let my parents know xx


admin answers:

I think you know the answer already. It’s true, you have asperger’s syndrome, but the severity of it is however unknown to me, as you have not had a proper assessment, there is no need to worry, iam guessing you are a teenager, you may find it hard to believe but most of the symptoms you described, are very common in people who doesn’t even have asperger’s. Asperger’s is a form of autism, it works by a spectrum, and every human’s part of it, some people may have a couple of more symptoms than others, such as you, but that doesn’t mean you need to see it as a disability, many people find it embrace it, even though it gives the affected person, certain social awkwardness, there is a bright side to it, you are very smart, you may excel at a wide range of subjects, like science, english etc. Many of the world geniuses are often born with asperger’s. People like Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, and many more famous names had Asperger’s, and look where they are.
I can understand the troubles you are having, i have asperger’s syndrome too, a mild kind, that’s why i mentioned before, to have a proper assessment, as your case sounds similar to mine, the mild asperger’s syndrome. There is no known cure to it, and believe me things get better as you age, six months from now, you will look back and think how worried you were with this, and i think you’ll already notice improvement as you age. It’s hard making friends, when you have asperger’s, i know, but just push yourself, never let it bother you, trust me it’s easier done than said, just smile, and be positive with people, just from reading your concerns i know you are a very kind hearted girl, and one day you’ll find real friends who will appreciate that quality in you, i know because i have proof.
Telling your parents is hard, i too found it out very young, and when i told my dad first, he almost denied it, but never forget, they love you, and they won’t get too sad, i mean you’ll still be the girl who is loved by her parents, there won’t be a change to that. But i do recommend, if you have brothers or sisters, tell them first, otherwise tell it to the parent you are most closest to. And always remember to not see it as your weakness, but as your greatest strength, be happy 🙂

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo Answers

Nancy asks…

How can I start a blog proving that people with Aspergers can have a normal life?

Ok, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, there has been a lot of negative sentiment about people who have Aspergers. People have been saying that they are dangerous, incapable of anything good, and some even advocate locking them up. Well, I have it, and even before the Sandy Hook Shooting, I have been trying to accomplish my three goals: a serious girlfriend, a group of close friends, and a career job. I suppose now would be a perfect time to start a blog for such a project. So, any suggestions?

admin answers:

The negative sentiment you refer to has been bandied about for many centuries, and was the basis of the human bloodstock breeding amongst the royals and other aristocrats and landed gentry of the whole of Roman Europe, but began creeping into other walks of life after Darwin wrote his treatise on Survival of the Fittest, which, if you think about it, publicised what all the intervening centuries of carefully selected and privately arranged inter-breeding of all the royals, aristocrats, and gentry, was for. It was human bloodstock breeding with more than just an intention of keeping wealth under the control of these classes. It went very much deeper than that. For example, the rights of a lord of the manor to pleasure himself on a bride before her husband, on their wedding day, was part and parcel of what was happening. After Darwin however it got renamed ‘eugenics’ and attracted philosophical debate and scientific experimentation, to the extent that Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt were its supporters, as well, of course, as Adolph Hitler who went to the ultimate extremes to put the theory into practice with the intention of breeding a master race that would rule the world. It invaded the secretive rules and rites of Freemasonry, thought by so many to be completely benign, yet at the same time, completely necessary, the first origins of which, in Anglo-Saxon England, were German. It was even the foundation of the Ku Klux Klan in America, it also claiming it’s roots in Anglo-Saxon England, and hence Germany. What was so important about the Germany of such a long time ago? Well, look up the word Aryanism in Wikipedia, and you’ll see. Then ask David Ike about it, and he’ll tell you he’s been saying all this for the past half a century, and hardly anybody seems to have taken a blind bit of notice. So, how do I know all this. Simple, I was the target of extermination by teachers and pupils in a Primary School in a village in Wales and subsequently, by teachers and pupils of a nearby town Grammar School and Secondary Modern School, for this very same eugenics reason. These horrific events and their aftermaths are described in great detail in my eBook, Dafydd Bach: Death of Innocence (My Life of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome: Dafydd Tomos, Hyswain) and its sequel, Dafydd Bach: Death of Innocence: The Sequel (My Life of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome: Dafydd Tomos, Hyswain) which are available free on long-term loan from Amazon Kindle Lending Library, or on short-term loan of my copies, if you email me. I can’t cite the URLs or email address here because Yahoo!Answers filters regard that as a violation of their rules, and will remove them from display by removing this message. You’ll have to Google for them yourself if you want to see how I managed to get a ‘normal’ life despite them. But it is an important lesson that it’s not only we aspies that sometimes do loopy things, sometimes its members of the ‘normal’ population do loopy things to kill us. Here in the UK, the media report the second type of aberration as well as the first, which provides a degree of balance that I don’t think the Sandy Hook incident has included in the USA media reports, because to do so would de-sensationalize it.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Richard asks…

quetions about fetal alcohol syndrome?

can fetal alcohol syndrome be passed on?

is there a cure?

are there treatments available?

who does it affect?

admin answers:

Can fetal alcohol syndrome be passed on? Genetically? No. The mother has to drink alcohol while pregnant.

Is there a cure? No.

Are there treatments available? There are treatments for the physical and mental symptoms that often accompany fetal alcohol syndrome.

Who does it affect? The new born babies has effects that may last for life. There are generally mild facial deformities. I say “mild” because it’s usually not as noticeable as say, Down’s Syndrome. Behavioral disorders such as ADHD, Autism and Mental Retardation are common. As adults they may have psychiatric problems such as Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia. There may be additional physical health problems such as prematurity, being smaller than average, heart and breathing problems. But these problems are treatable and generally resolve in early infancy as long as they are not serious enough to be life threatening. This is pretty much the same as other babies who are born premature.

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Question?: Autistic Spectrum

Daniel asks…

What public high schools in NYC offer the best services for students with Aspergers?

Aspergers is on the autistic spectrum…very high-functioning.

admin answers:

As a public school teacher and the mom of an 8th grade student who just went through the entire high school search craziness, I would strongly suggest you look for a small, “selective” school (like Bard or Beacon,) as opposed to the “specialized” schools (like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, or Brooklyn Tech.)

The larger schools tend to be more impersonal, and your child will get less support where he most needs it. The smaller schools are much more hands on.

And these days, the best “selective” schools are a good option for those kids who don’t fit in well in the large “specialized” schools. You no longer have to worry if your child doesn’t fit in well in Stuyvesant! There are other, more intimate alternatives these days.

My kid doesn’t have Aspergers, but I could see how a kid that did would have a problem at Stuy!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms 18 Months

Maria asks…

I think my 18 month old has autism?

I’ve been noticing lately my son having odd behavior. He does this hand flapping thing with his hands all the time. He does it more when he is excited but does it even when he is not excited as well. He was 2 months premature so it has been hard to me to compare him to babies around his age but he just started walking at 17 months and can’t say any words yet. I looked up hand flapping on the web and autism comes up. He does like to clap his hands but he don’t do it all the time. The other thing i noticed today when he was walking he was walking on his tippy toes. However he is very sociable and loves attention, smiles all the time and loves being cuddled. He loves playing with this big bouncy ball. i will throw it to him and he will try to throw it back at me.

He goes for his 18 month checkup Thursday and i am going to express my concerns to his dr.
1. hand flapping
2. walking on his tippy toes
3. hand clapping (but not all the time)

My question is, can a child have these symptoms and not have autism. Everything on the internet suggest autism.

admin answers:

Hes not autistic, a autistic child wouldnt be smiling at everyone and love to be cuddled and act very sociable. I used to flap my hands all the time when i was a toddler, i stopped after a while and grew out of it, and grew up completely normal. Walking on tip toes is very common for children just learning how to walk.

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Question?: What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

Betty asks…

How many children are diagnosed with classic autism?

I’m sure many of us have heard the startling statistics that 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. Are spectrum disorders, such as Aspergers and PDD-NOS part of this statistic? I’m curious how many children are actually being diagnosed with classic autism.

admin answers:

Yes, spectrum disorders and other forms of autism are included in this statistic.

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Autism And Aspbergers And Schizophrenia And Beta Rage